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Welcome to our Monthly issue of Personal Pet Advice's E-zine. E-zine is another word for an electronic online magazine. Ours will be filled with informative articles and we will feature a new type of pet each month.

Watch for other issues to be published about the first of every month. If you have missed an issue, don't worry! We have an archive of articles from previous issues.

We hope you enjoy our E-zine and if you would like to submit something for next months issue, please do so! We welcome any comments and suggestions to our magazine.

People From The Net Page
This is a page that, for the moment, will focus on Mr. Ron Hevener. Here is his bio so you can learn a little more about him.

Author/Artist RON HEVENER specializes in animal sports and entertainment. Mr. Hevener owns one of oldest dog show kennels in the U.S. ("Lochranza," specializing in Collies since 1945). His dog "Kane" (Ch. Amberlyn's Bright Tribute) was featured in his popular novel "The Blue Ribbon."
   His interest in Arabian horse racing goes back to the early days of Delaware Park, now one of the leading Arabian racetracks in the US. His stallion "Nahgua" (Nugui El Khamsin) was one of the first Arabians to race at Delaware Park and inspired Mr. Hevener's novel, "Fate of the Stallion."
   Along with racehorses and show dogs, Mr. Hevener's interest in Greyhounds started with the adoption of a retired racer and led to a full-fledged racing kennel and inspired his novel, "High Stakes." Today, he owns sons and daughters of every major Greyhound racing sire from the U.S., UK, Ireland and Australia.
    An accomplished artist, Hevener figurines and prints from his novels are bought and traded throughout the world. His original paintings and sculptures are displayed in galleries and can be found in many private collections.
   Mr. Hevener is currently on tour, speaking at bookstores, libraries, theaters, schools, gift stores, pet stores, dog shows, art shows and horse shows throughout the country. "Life is a movie," he says. "On with the show!"
There are wonderful pictures of his Greyhounds and Collies plus some great stories that he has written and given us permission to publish. Sit back and enjoy as I have while publishing this E-Zine.

Pet Articles Page

Our Articles are written by members of our Forum Board as well as sent in by authors who read this E-zine and require you to ask permission from them to reprint or copy them.

Please register free at the forum board if you would like to use them or email the author directly. Some of the articles we publish have been sent to us, along with electronic permission, from readers of our Webpage and Forum Board. Please note the credits given as they are the owners of said articles.

With that said, please enjoy our E-zine and if you would like to have an article published, please send it to us! 

 Article Submission

If you have ideas or suggestions for our E-Zine, please visit our Contact page to send those to us. Join our mailing list to get notice of our  upcoming new issues.

Web Page Reviews 

WebSite Reviews are printed on this page. If you have a website you would like to submit for a review please send the URL to: 
It's  a fun way to see how your site rates. Not all sites will be reviewed though, but the site owner will be notified of reviews.  The rating system goes by paws and are as follows:
  • Informative
  • Family Oriented
  • Up to date Information
  • Animal Content
  • User Friendly

All sites are welcome to participate as long as it conforms to the "No Animal Abuse" or "No Pornographic Material"  policies. All sites must be family friendly and safe for kids.

Kids: You can submit your site too! We have added a Kids Korner just for you! Just have one page that is about your pet. We'd love to hear from you!



This Months "Pet of the Month" Is: The Canary

Table of Contents

  • History
  • Feeding 
  • Housing 
  • Ailments
  • General Info

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