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Pet Stories....

On this page you will find stories and articles on Pets across the Net. Check in each month to read about a pet who has done something incredible, needs some support and prayer, or just has a loving owner who wants to tell us all about their wonderful pet. Not all pets make the headlines in the world today, but they mean so much to the ones who love them the most.

Meet Chewy

Chewy is an adorable Chihuahua that has his own website. His mommy sent me the URL to his site and it's definately somewhere you would want to visit. You see Chewy has diabetes. He is have a difficult time of it too. Having diabetes myself I know how hard it can be on a person, but can you imagine how hard it is for a dog? They have no way of telling us they are in trouble. No way of letting us know how much they need us. Chewies mommy is dedicated to keeping her baby safe. You should go see CHEWY's SITE  and take a look at the photos of this adorable little guy! There are links to make donations for aiding his mommy in paying his medical bills that are mounting everyday. She sent me an update today on him and said he is doing well although  it has been hard to keep all of his levels in check. I will keep you posted as I get updates. You can get updates from his site as well. Be sure to sign his guestbook so he'll know you were there.

Coming Soon......
"High Stakes"
by Ron Hevener

High Stakes

"In this controversial novel, award-winning author Ron Hevener delivers to his readers a bold and daring commentary on today's changing society.  At a time when heroes are falling all around us, there is hope.  "Don't be afraid," he says.  "You are strong.  You are great.  You are beautiful.  The powers that be cannot take away what you love . unless you let them."

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Estimated Shipping Date:  June 10, 2005


Another article from Mr. Ron Hevener


By Ron Hevener

It's one of those things we don't like thinking about, but sometimes we don't have a choice. 

I'm talking about protecting our lifestyle. Not about security alarms, or water sprinkling systems or locks on every door, although those things are great. What I'm talking about is the kind of safety for your horses that comes with neighbors and friends keeping an eye on things for each other. The kind of strength that comes from all of us looking out for Arabian racing.  

Recently, we had a taste of reality. We have a training stable with a track on another property a few miles from the main farm. I keep a studio in the loft of the barn, but I don't generally stay overnight. I like having Nahgua there (Nugui El Khamsin, featured in my novel Fate of the Stallion) because I can ride him on the track. At the time of our surprise, Nahgua was recovering from a serious weight loss that we couldn't understand and the vets were reminding me that, being in his twenties now, he might not last forever. Just between you and me, I know differently, but that's beside the point.

Nahgua's  son, Briggin, is also stabled there. But, other than for the two stallions, the rest of the stalls were empty when this happened and because it looks more presentable, we keep all the stall doors closed and latched, up and down both sides of the center aisle. Remember: There were only two horses in the barn. The other eight box stalls were empty, but latched shut. 

I grew up around here, which is the Northern part of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania's farm country. I guess I'm used to a certain amount of privacy when you have a barn set back about a quarter mile off the road. But, I guess there are a lot of things I'm used to that you can't count on any more. I wasn't counting on the call from my friend that morning, when she went to feed and water the horses.

We all have a favorite horse, one that means more than any other. In Nahgua's case, I had glorified him and Arabian racing in stories, in an audiobook that was read on the radio in New York City, in TV appearances and in newspapers and magazines around the world. Now, right before my eyes, both stallions were loose in the center aisle of the barn. They were fighting. Briggin was fighting because he wanted to. But, my brave Nahgua was fighting for his life.

Their stalls were unlatched and the sliding doors were open. The mystery deepened when we saw that not only theirs, but every stall in the barn had been unlatched and slid wide open as well. How did it happen? All of us wanted to know how the stallions got loose, and why.  

But, perhaps the deeper mystery is why anyone would do such a thing. As word of the vandalism got out, we received notes and phone calls here at the farm coming from horse owners asking what really happened. As near as we can tell, the farm was targeted by animal rights fanatics acting out a scene from one of my novels. We in Arabian racing love our horses, and that's why we have them, but there are many people trying to destroy our way of life through the media and legislation. National organizations claiming to love animals have taken a stand against animal sports such as horse racing and they are getting serious public attention. The emotional passion of the animal rights movement runs deep, but no animal lover would want two stallions to tear themselves apart and open wide every stall door in the place to make sure we'd know it was on purpose. 

Protect yourselves. Protect your horses and our way of life.  Make friends with your neighbors. Ask them to look out for your stables always, and thank them when they do.

For those who have asked about Nahgua, he's back in shape and all patched up. Once again, I'm riding him on the track for anyone to see. Even without painting it across the barn in graffiti that night, the message of those vandals was clear:  We're out there. We can hurt you!  But, when you think about it, every foal we breed and raise for racing, every horse we get on the track, sends a message that's even greater: "Yes, we know you're out there. But, Arabian racing is here to stay."   

This Article is printed with permission from Mr Hevener. You may visit his website at for more information about his books and other works.

All photos were printed with permission and were taken by Maxine Bochnia, photographer.

Other Stuff....

The Blue Ribbon
The Blue Ribbon
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It was 1942 …
Best friends Esmeralda and Blanche have both fallen for the same man – the dashing Canadian judge Robert Sheffield. Playing one woman against the other, Sheffield picks a Collie puppy for each to start her own show kennel. But, little does he know of the scandal, lies and hatred his gift of love will inspire!
Now, 40 years later …
Esmeralda has disappeared and a valuable litter is on the way. Westminster is just around the corner. War between their kennels has escalated to an all-time high. What awaits at the Garden will be one of the AKC’s most shocking and tarnished moments in recent memory! Sex, deceit, death, betrayal and games – nothing was too low!
Read about competing kennels driven by women who will stop at nothing for The Blue Ribbon!
Hevener’s long awaited, tongue in cheek, “psychologically twisted mystery romance” set in the competitive world of Dog Shows asks "Who gets the Ribbon and who wins at Love?"
Book not illustrated, not for children

Ceramic Figurines
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Watercolors By Ron Hevener
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As you can see Mr Hevener is a wonderful artist. To see more of his beautiful artwork, please click the icon of your choice.

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