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Our reviews have been divided into three catagories. Pet Product, Rescue/Shelter sites, General Information sites. They will still be rated by the paw system. If you would like to have your website included in any future issues, please email the URL to Website Submission

Product Sites

I believe this is a very reputable site that you can purchase products for all your pets with confidence. I have dealt with Drs Foster and Smith throughout my whole grooming career and have come to trust them. They have on this site pet articles page to help you train your pet to be a well behaved member of the family. This in turn may help to prevent more dogs being placed outside because of behavorial issues. Definately a 5 paw site.


Rescue/Shelter Org.

This site is the perfect site to check out if you are in the market to adopt a pet. They have links to animal shelters and rescue organizations that can be searched by location. There are pictures so you can see the animal and decide if you have found the perfect match for you! They also take donations, which we encourage.


Care Information

Although I strive to get you the most up to date information, well, let's face it, there is just a lot of stuff to get! Well, if you can't find it at our site, Please go here! This is a delightful website that is packed full of information.
This site is a part of the family of sites ran by Drs Foster and Smith. They have some great tips and articles that are informative and certainly helpful. This is one site I am sure you will enjoy especially all the photos!


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